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Sales and Operations Planning

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Typically, Sales & Operations Planning was done by the “big” companies. The more medium and small organizations do it informally by a range of different people, and don’t even call it S&OP. There are many Plant Managers, Material Managers, and others doing this out there on their own just to plan their plants with no real process, or they do it all by themselves in a bubble. When there is turnover in this position, the incumbent either stops doing it, or tries to delegate it hoping things just kind of all fall into place.

We can work with you to implement a simple, documented monthly S&OP process that will both be effective and simple to communicate and manage, adding value to the organization, and relieving stress on your employees – plus having a documented system in place when there is turnover. If you have an S&OP module in your ERP system, or want to do it “outside the system”, talk to us to see if we can help.