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Shelter Manufacturing in Mexico

One of the best ways to get started in offshoring or nearshoring in Mexico is to work through a Shelter. This allows you to concentrate on your product while we arrange the logistics and take on the liabilities.

Shelter Manufacturing in Mexico

If you started your business yourself, you remember what was required to legally establish your company and hire and pay your employees, even before you focused on your product. And while offshoring product to Mexico might seem attractive, the process of setting up a foreign entity in a country with different tax, HR, and regulatory requirements can be very intimidating, if not exhausting.

First off, let our infrastructure and experience make this move a reality for you. We can help on each step along the way, depending on which path you decide to take. On this page and it’s accompanying  two links, we talk about three different options which are available to you.

First, is the shelter. As we explain below, the shelter allows you to control the technical aspect, while we provide administrative support. This is a good choice for a company with a good technical infrastructure and complicated  processes, which have a proven history of being under control.

Second, is contract manufacturing, where you instead rely on our manufacturing expertise. After the initial quoting and parts approval process, you simply place the order and pay a fixed price for each piece delivered.

Lastly, services, is the best of all worlds – you pick which type of support you want and which you want to supply on your own.

The Shelter Approach

In very general terms, when you use the Shelter approach, you use your equipment, your raw materials, and you train and supervise the direct work force. A company like North American Operations Consulting worries about the rest.

Mexican Shelter Responsibilities for customer and NAOC

What Is The Shelter Process?

Site Selection

We can have your operations at our own facilities, but if you prefer your own, we will make all proper arrangements to make sure your operation is up and running as soon as possible.

Raw Materials

Many of our customers have dedicated suppliers in place, but for those that do not, we will source materials and provide cost estimates.

Customs & Logistics

Decades of expertise in the USA / Mexican border region, we’ll make it invisible. Warehousing, drop-shipping, retail and bulk distribution, we give you options.

Human Resources

Recruiting, training, and managing employees. We will staff an operation to your specific needs. High technical skills required? We can recruit additional engineering talent to help oversee the operation.

Accounting & Information Technologies

We will integrate your IT department to provide timely information in a familiar and convenient format. Our goal is to learn your language so that transition and ongoing operations are seamless to you.

Manufacturing, Assembly, & Subassemblies

From automotive parts, metal stamping, screw machine parts, wire harnesses, pad printing, liquid coating operations, among other products and services like Sorting and Rework.

We’re All About Unifying

Services, Manufacturing and Outsourcing solutions for domestic and international manufacturers seeking to relocate, expand, or initiate operations in a lower-cost labor environment with proximity to the USA.

From large blue chip corporations to companies with limited human resources, we take care of the whole process of relocating your operations to an awarded, highly efficient, and low-cost labor environment.