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Lean Consulting for Manufacturers

Lean consulting services that eliminate waste from your manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability
lean consulting

Lean Consulting and Lean Manufacturing Principles

Lean Consulting Methodology

Approaches include:

Kaizen Project (long-term)
Kaizen Blitz (5-day fun event)
VA / NVA Study and Analysis
Visual Measurement/Self Reporting System
Value Stream Mapping
Adapting to Your Corporate Standards

We invite you to discuss with us the lean consulting methodology which makes most sense for you.

The classic definition of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Consulting is “the elimination of waste”.

We have all seen the 7, 8 or more types of waste in lean consulting books or lean consulting posters somewhere. What we like to reference is the acronym of DOWNTIME (appropriate), which includes:

Not utilizing talent
Inventory Excess
Excess processing

What about the inherent waste when reducing waste? — What we call waste #9 – Resource misallocation. This is when you spend resources to eliminate a waste that does not directly help you meet your SQCD goals or your bottom line. Many lean consultants charge you an arm and a leg to clean up your plant and show you “look what we did.”

… And then it returns as it was when they leave. We will work with you to make sure REAL change is being made and REAL waste is being eliminated – plus we can help with housekeeping if you like!

Key Lean Manufacturing Principles

Eliminate Over-Production
Analyze and Reduce Unnecessary Motion and Action
Examine Waste in Transportation
Manage Inventory Intelligently
Eliminate Production Defects
Schedule More Efficiently
Value Stream Mapping
Adapting to your Corporate Standards

We invite you to discuss with us the lean manufacturing principles which you need help with.

Is Lean Consulting Right for My Company?

There’s no doubt that working with a lean consultant can jumpstart improvement in your manufacturing operations. But you must keep in mind the fact that a successful lean implementation calls for a long-term plan, and must be supported by lasting cultural changes. There’s no doubt that our Kaizen workshops and blitzes are terrific catalysts. However, once the excitement of the Blitz has passed, our real job as Lean consultants is create lasting change. We give you the tools you need to maintain company-wide buy-in to keep the momentum going.

One myth of Lean consulting is that “What worked for Toyota will work for us.” Not so. Businesses are unique. We can apply over-arching Lean principles to many different companies, but each must have their own plan for action.

Lean consulting is more than the systematic process of getting rid of excess waste. Lean is a philosophy. Lean is a business mantra. Lean is a commitment to push your business to become athletic. To become fast, fit, agile, and respond to challenges without missing a beat – that is Lean.

If you’re thinking, “Lean will never stick around here,” we’re here to show you how it can. Before the incredible gains made by Toyota, Japanese corporate culture discouraged workers from standing out. Before Lean, Japanese workers were frowned upon for asserting their own views over those of a group and being different. Enter Lean consultants, who recognize and reward those who speak up and identify problems. Those same Lean consultants developed programs encouraging workers to challenge themselves and challenge each other. Talk about an about-face for the Toyota workforce! If Lean principles can work in a corporate culture like Japan, where social and unspoken rules discourage people from standing out or being different, we can make it can work in your manufacturing organization.

North American Operation Consulting is successful at lean consulting because we know how to engage your staff. They see potential, the transformation, and the results. They won’t oppose the change because by adapting Lean philosophies, their job satisfaction goes up.

We’d be happy to talk to you about the challenges facing your company, and help you determine if Lean consulting is the right way to go. Give us a call or fill our our web form, and we’ll get in touch.