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Goal Setting and Attainment

We'll help you develop a plan to make your resources provide a better ROI
goal setting in manufacturing plants

Goal Setting and Strategies for Attainment

We all have metrics that we report on a periodic basis. Hopefully, those metrics are goal related, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes we lose focus, and although we have goals and metrics, we revert back to what was successful “at the last company I worked at,” even though it doesn’t help fulfill your goals. We believe there is a WASTE that is very subtle and misunderstood – the waste of using resources to make improvements that don’t contribute to your goals. For instance – lowering inventory in a low volume, high mix environment, might not help your overall metrics. We can do an independent review of your goal and metrics process, and recommend changes to make your resources provide a better ROI and/or faster goal achievement.

We can help a little or a lot – just depends what you need. We can charge ahead, follow your direction, or somewhere in between. Just let us know how we can help.