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Capacity Analysis

Process and Tools for Production Capacity Planning
manufacturing consulting capacity analysis

Capacity Analysis

Capacity planning is important in the entire planning process – but “this type” of capacity planning is the day-to-day results from Master Scheduling to Production Activity Control.

Similar to S&OP in some ways, many small- to medium-size companies don’t have a good process in place to calculate engineering standards, then interface them with planning to make it an effective tool. Without good standards and a good data collection system, it is very difficult to perform good capacity planning. And be honest: when you can’t plan effectively, it makes for a very bad situation.

We can help you implement a new process or troubleshoot your current one. It doesn’t matter to us if we need to work with you more on the sales side, on planning, engineering, or all 3. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than not knowing your actual profit (or loss — yikes!) on a product, and not knowing if you will be able to make it on-time or not. Talk to us to see how we can help.