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About North American Operations Consulting

A Leading Operations and Management Consulting Firm Led by Robert Mirrielees, BSIE, MBA, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD

25+ Years Experience

Robert Mirrielees has 20+ years working in Mexico, 10+ years as Plant Manager/General Manager. Our staff is fully bilingual. We can work directly with any part of your workforce with or without any kind of supervision or assistance, as long as you support the continuous improvement process.

We’ll provide clear, regular reporting and deliver results based on 25+ years experience serving manufacturers.

Focused on Outcomes

Let’s talk reality. One of the “unnamed wastes” is the application of valuable resources to actions which do not support your bottom line nor any of your major goals. I can work remotely or on-site with your team to drive this focus in your facility.

Continuous improvement as a concept is one thing – how to apply it to get the bottom-line gains in your business in the scale that you need, is another.


We all feed on results. It feels great when we accomplish what we set out to do, but often we don’t define goals clearly enough to our workforce, and then we either don’t recognize their accomplishments, or we beat them up for what didn’t go “right”.  

I can work with you and your teams to set up an easy, efficient measuring process that will keep them engaged.

APICS Certified

With all three APICS certifications (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD), we can work with your teams to design a personalized roadmap for their training and certification. We have experience giving certification classes on both sides of the border, and are very proud of our exam pass rates for ESL students. With just a short visit to your facility, we’ll give you an honest assessment of your staff’s readiness to achieve the certification of your choice. 

Bob MIrrielees, Principal, North American Operations Consulting

Robert Mirrielees, BSIE, MBA, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, DDLP & DDPP

Principal, North American Operations Consulting

Robert Mirrielees was born and raised in Chicago, and has lived and worked in Mexico and the southern USA since 1988. He has attained two degrees from the University of Illinois, a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and then an M.B.A. in Marketing and Information Systems. Since the advanced degree achievement, he has continued to learn and develop up to and including the current year by receiving (3) certifications from APICS which include Certified in Production and Inventory Management, Certified Supply Chain Professional, and Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution. Robert’s work experience in Mexico started in automotive Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, and then branched out to electronic devices and metal fab. In the most recent years, he has worked for companies that had just been taken over by Private Equity firms, and most of those companies, from an informal point of view, would have been considered struggling, distressed, high-risk or unstable operations.

Launch a Plan to Reduce Waste and Improve Efficiencies in Your Plant

Case Studies

Mouse Over the Boxes to View the Results of Some of Our Projects

Chem-Pruf Door Company

Brownsville, TX

Lead times reduced from 13 weeks to 3 weeks
Increased gross profit 16%
Bumped OTD from 57% to 96%

Material Handling

Brownsville, TX /
Matamoros, México Area

Reduced lead times from 13 to 3 weeks

Exceeded EBITDA goal by $2.5 million

Increased gross profit 16%

Bumped OTD 57%-96%

Concurrent Manufacturing Solutions

Matamoros, México Area

Improved customer quality ratings 50%
Implemented shop floor control, 5s, SQCD boards, preventive maintenance, Idea Program


Weslaco, Texas / Rio Bravo and Valle Hermoso, México


Reduced scrap and variance 50%


Oceaneering International, Inc.

Morgan City, Louisiana

Ran four (4) Kaizens

SQCD boards,
Supervisor accountability systems

Brown Corporation

Saltillo (Ramos Arizpe), Coahuila, México


Increased productivity from 28% to 47%

Drove the use of capability statistics to improve quality (CpK’s from 1.0 to 1.8)