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What We Offer

North American Operations Consulting is a leading manufacturing operations consulting firm based on the border of the USA and Mexico in Brownsville, TX, adjacent to the Mexican border town of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. While cultures might change from one country to another, good manufacturing practices do not – and we have the unique ability to drive improvements for your company on BOTH sides of the border, guiding uniformity and consistency across all entities.
Led by Bob Mirrielees and based on 25+ years experience of plant operations management in the United States and Mexico, we provide consulting services that solve manufacturers’ challenges using proven tools that drive profitability.

Building on our solid Lean underpinnings, we will work with you to:

tighten shop floor control
improve EBITDA
increase productivity
mitigate cultural differences
eliminate chronic process issues
work with your suppliers to improve their results

analyze production procedures
optimize shop floor routes
reduce inventory lead times
reduce scrap and variance
train staff
align your improvement process with your goals

Operations consulting packages are available by the hour, half-day, full-day, project, or full-time extended basis. Our staff is fully bilingual and are experts in manufacturing processes.

We'll Help You Prepare for Your APICS CPIM, CSCP & CLTD Certification Exam

NAOC Operations Consulting Philosophy

My philosophy at NAOC is based on the idea that open and honest communication of one’s goals, root causes of problems, and recommended corrective actions leads to improved repeatable processes and superior results, including customer satisfaction and bottom-line gains.

In multi-national organizations (especially between the USA and Mexico/Latin America), communication and cultural issues can cloud the improvement process, making it slower, and in many cases, degrade teamwork to the point it becomes more of a problem than the problem initially was itself. As consultants, we can position ourselves right in the middle, easing communication, facilitating change-management, and locking-in technical results, then getting out of the way, but leaving you with the tools you need to continue your success.

We know from experience there is likely to be fundamental hidden waste in your operations, and will quickly identify any resources being devoted to tasks that are impeding customer service or dragging down your bottom line. We will be straightforward with you with what we see, and offer clear recommendations for improvement.

-Robert Mirrielees, Founder, North American Operations Consulting

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Read our testimonials, below, or view successes from some of our Case Studies.


  • Bob Mirrielees has a unique and extremely rare ability to understand how processes and systems integrate with an organization’s dynamics to foster change and improvement. His understanding of Lean is second to none and he is passionate about rooting waste out of his processes while also helping his organization see and grow this capability in a very organic way.

    Jim Sorbello
    Senior Consultant: Manufacturing Professional Services at NetSuite
  • Robert Mirrielees has a passion for results, strategy, and execution. He provided leadership with the capability of driving change while maintaining relationships across business units.

    brian mueller
    Brian Mueller
    Corporate Director of Supply Chain & Procurement, Bureau Veritas
  • Very talented manufacturing manager, always giving results and very easy to work with. Deep understanding of manufacturing processes, profitability, people and their needs. 

    Roberto Carrancá
    Roberto Carrancá
    Marketing Executive
  • I had the pleasure of working with Robert Mirrielees a few years ago as his customer. We had a significant ramp in production and everything had to go perfectly in execution. His professional acumen and straight forward communication – always on target – made the project a complete success. You can count on him.

    Scott McQuinn
    Contract Manufacturing Manager at Commscope
  • Bob and I worked together at Oceaneering in Louisiana where he was a solid leader. He always brought people together as a team through his positive attitude and work ethics, even during the most stressful conditions. Bob has the ability to consistently deliver results to meet ever-changing business needs. Bob’s calm demeanor allow him to think clearly through situations and deliver rational, practical, and actionable solutions.

    George Vrooman
    Corporate Quality Manager, Cimarron Energy